Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why you should buy from me

I know I've already sort of covered the answer to that question here, but I thought I'd elaborate a bit. If you've read my blog, you probably already know that I'm doing this as a fundraiser, really. You see, I really, really, really want to have another baby. Unfortunately, that requires a uterus, which I no longer have (sorry for the tmi). Anyway, there are other ways to have children but they're crazy expensive. And so Mama Mockingbird was born.

Now I do have to admit that I'm not the world's best seamstress (those of you who purchased my earlier stuff can attest to that, lol), but all of my items are made with love. And of course, being a crafter myself, I know that some of you are thinking "well I could make that myself," or maybe "so and so could make that for me," or whatever. Chances are, you're probably right. But when you buy from me, you'll know that you are genuinely making a difference in my family's lives. And when the day comes that I'm posting photos of our new addition, you'll know that you had a part in it.

Furthermore, I've seen a ton of folks who make similar items, mostly at higher prices. The good thing about buying from me is that I'm able to offer items at a lower price because I am bargain shopper! I rarely ever pay full price for my supplies and that means I can pass my savings on to you. This is why those of you who are fully capable of making something yourself should just go ahead any buy from me (wink, wink). Sure, you could make it. But by the time you go shopping (if you live in my town you have to drive an hour to find a craft store), purchase supplies (and rarely can you get supplies to make only one of something), and then take the time to actually make whatever it is, wouldn't you have rather just let me do for you? I thought so. ;)

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