Monday, January 31, 2011

Tip Tuesday - "Double-sheeting"

One of my favorite tips to give new moms is to "double-sheet" the bed. This works for older infants, toddlers, and even big kids.

Here's how to do it:

When you make up your baby's/child's crib or bed, layer the bedding like this (from top to bottom):

Fitted sheet

Waterproof mattress pad

Fitted sheet

Waterproof mattress pad


This way, if you child has a leaky diaper, wets the bed, vomits, etc. in the middle of the night, all you have to do it remove the top layer and you have clean bedding. So much faster than having to complete change the bedding at 2 am! I always did this when the little prince was a baby and I still do it if he has a stomach virus. Just makes life a little easier :)

I'm back!

After taking the month of January off, Mama Mockingbird is back in business. Things are still crazy around here, but I hope to be a better blogger this year. This post will serve as an introduction of sorts to my new blog format.

Mondays - Mama Mondays (anything "Mama" related; may be about being a mama; or Mama Mockingbird, the business)

Tuesdays - Tip/Tutorial Tuesdays (I'll post tips about pretty much anything OR a tutorial)

Wednesdays - Weightloss Wednesdays (here's where I'll be held accountable for all the weight I'm trying to lose!)

Thursdays - Thrifty Thursdays (this can be about coupons, trash-to-treasure finds, ways to save money, etc)

Friday - Family/Faithful Fridays (I've debated about whether Fridays should be for Family or Faith and decided that I cannot choose. so I'll do a little of both :)

I'm not promising to post every day, but I have made a commitment to myself to post at least twice a week.

Happy February!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Under Construction!

Hey guys! Mama Mockingbird is taking the month of January off to get her stuff together. Be back in February (with a new and improved blog!).