Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Recap

A few days late, but here's my recap of the month of January:

DH (Dear Husband) started teaching Math as a long-term substitute. He'll sub for the entire semester. He loves teaching, but isn't crazy about Math (his degree is in History). Unfortunately, subs don't get benefits such as health insurance, so he's still working at his regular job too. Fingers crossed that this experience will help him get a teaching job in the fall so I can have my husband back :)!

The little prince (our darling son) had quite a month. He learned about dinosaurs at pre-K (his favorite is stegosaurus). He spent 4 days at Children's Hospital because of a sinus infection that spread to his eye. Thank goodness the antibiotics are working and he's doing great now. It was just so out-of-the-ordinary for us because he's always been amazingly healthy! Also, the last few days of January he started learning to read. He can read and spell only a few basic words (nothing tricky yet), but we're so proud of him!

As for me, I took the month of January off from Mama Mockingbird to spend some time focusing on being a wife and mom, and praying about my "new year. new you!" motto. I'm definitely ready for a new me!

Additionally, we visited a new church (and we really liked it!), helped the little prince raise money for a St. Jude Trike-a-Thon at pre-K, and signed up as neighborhood coordinators for an American Lung Association fundraiser.

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