Monday, February 28, 2011

Mama Monday - My baby is FIVE!

The little prince turned FIVE (!) last Thursday. He's such a big boy now, even though he promises he'll always be my baby.

For his birthday we took cupcakes to his pre-k class and they sang him "Happy Birthday". He really enjoyed that. Later that evening, we had a t-ball meeting (yep, my baby's gonna play baseball!) and then went out to eat at his favorite Mexican restaurant. He wasn't feeling well by then though, so he didn't eat much and didn't want to wear the giant sombrero or let the wait staff sang "Feliz Cumpleanos," (which has become sort of a tradition in my family and is, imo, the best part).

Then, we had his party on Saturday. It was a pirate theme and I think it went very well. In fact, aside from the fact that the birthday boy wasn't feeling well, I think it might have been my favorite party that he's had so far. I'm not sure if it's allergies due to the change of seasons, or something he's picked up at school, but he was definitely under the weather. I don't have many pictures because he didn't want anyone to take any of him and he didn't want to wear his pirate suit. He didn't even get to open his gifts at the party because he fell asleep in my arms. But I do think every one else had a good time. We had a bouncy house, a treasure hunt, a tattoo and mustache table, yummy food, and a pirate ship cake. And all the kids looked so cute!

He finally felt well enough to open his gifts on Sunday morning. He loved each and every single one. You could tell by the "treasures" strewn across our living room floor that his is very loved :) Unfortunately, when everything was loaded into my car on Sat, some of the cards got separated from their gifts. So as soon as I can sort it all out we'll be sending out thank you notes, since he didn't get to thank everyone at the party.

and just for fun...

The little prince is born!

1st Birthday Party. Theme: The little prince is ONE!

2nd Birthday Party. Theme: Farm

3rd Birthday Party. Theme: Knights

4th Birthday Party. Theme: Rock Star!

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Happy Birthday Little Prince.... er Pirate!

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